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Be the one...

“Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and a forgiving heart one who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them.” ― Marvin J. Ashton

Phone Safety Tips

Many people are skeptical about cell phone radiation and the potential harm, there has been quite a debate as to how safe cell phones are. Here are some tips you should consider when using your cell phone...

Retaining Moisture For Curly Hair

The constant battle with natural curls is retaining moisture without having to wash your hair everyday.  Over the years I've figured out the perfect balance of products to use along with techniques ... which aid in moisture retention and allow me to go a few days without washing my hair.
Some tips for wash day... -Part hair into 5 or 6 sections and finger detangle hair with organic coconut oil. Then hop in the shower and shampoo and condition as usual. The coconut oil aids in the detangling process by smoothing hair along with moisturizing your strands. 
-For extra moisture use a plastic bag and cover your entire head, allowing coconut oil to sit for 15-30 mins.
-After rinsing out the conditioner ring most of the water out of your hair... then part hair into 4 or 5 sections and apply quarter sized amounts of organic coconut oil to semi wet hair being sure to moisture ends too. Then two strand twist or braid each section and finish your bathing routine. 
-Sometimes using coconut oi…

Food Babe's Miso Soup Recipe

So I just spent the last 20 mins or so on
I always find great tips on how to improve my eating habits...Tomorrow, J and I are heading to the grocery store and I have now added miso paste to my list.  I plan on picking up some miso paste because I would love to try her Miso recipe. I haven't been eating too clean lately...

Va$htie Kola shares her beauty secrets and favorite products

The "Jane of All Trades" Vashtie Kola shares some of her favorite beauty products with Into The Gloss. She also mentions that she looks up her beauty products on the EWG's Skin Deep Database!

I've mentioned the Environmental Working Group's website before in a few post check them out here, here and here. This database is awesome because it breaks down the potential harm of each ingredient, along with rating the risk 1 - 10. How awesome is that?

Vashtie shares her approach with beauty products...
"But my approach to beauty is how I am with food and everything else. I’m super organic and green, I’m all about it. I’ll do research for products on Safe Cosmetics Database. They rate everything on a scale from 1-10 from least to most toxins. For example, I wear contact lenses so I looked up the most toxic brands of contact solution and actually the drugstore brand is the one that ranked the lowest. Sometimes you think, ‘Oh I have to get some boutique line in order …

Sweaty is the new sexy!

Are you feeling sad, frumpy and fat?  I was too just 30 mins ago! But then I got motivated, threw on my running shoes and headed out the door. I decided that I would run around my neighborhood for 20 mins. And guess what... I no longer feel sad, frumpy and fat... I feel sexy.  So sexy and confident that I decided to share my sweaty pic with you guys... =-p

While jogging I selected the 90's playlist on iTunes and kept it pumping. Some days I enjoy running with music and some days I don't. Today I opted for music because I needed an extra push. Sure 20 mins may not seem too impressive to the elite runner...  but guess what 20 mins beats 0 mins! And that my friends is progress!
Sooo, although I barely made through the last 2 mins of my jog tonight I feel accomplished and great knowing that I got active...because my six pack looks like a keg =\ lol

While the tattoos below are quite impressive... those bellys look like these men are pregnant with twins. And that my friend cannot be health…

Natural Beauty and Hair Products

So I just got my Vitacost box and it was full of goodies.. Gosh I am addicted to shopping on Vitacost
Their prices are very affordable compared to my local health food store.

There are a few items pictured that I've never tried...
the Avalon Shave cream, the Alba Acne Scrub, the Jason Flaxseed Gel and the Aubrey Men's Deodorant (for my boyfriend). I have a feeling that I am going to love everything.

Everything else are pretty much staples for me.

I love the Alba Leave-In Conditioner.. it is amazing my hair responds so well to this product.

I love the Aubrey Gel, it does not leave my hair dry like other gels.
I once bought the Eco Styler Gel and my hair was extremely dry after using this gel for a few days.
I was disgusted that I even bought the item being that it is no where near "natural".

The Dr. Woods Liquid Black Soap is amazing... it doesn't over dry your skin and has a smell that I really like. Some people say the smell is too strong but I like it!

Jason S…

OK Go makes awesome music videos

So I am sure we all remember OK Go's hit song "Here it Goes Again" the video debuted in 2009 and was shot in one take with the band members doing an awesome routine on treadmills...
The first time I seen this video I was so amazed I watched it again lol

And in their newest video "The Writing's On the Wall" the band again, shoots the entire video in one take! Just simply amazing!
Of course I watched this video a few times already back to back and each time I catch something new.
I love OK Go and their creativity!

Here is another awesome video!

Amazing NYC Street Drummer with Crazy Talent

The talent you find on the streets in NYC! I love the city!


Allyson Felix, Skylar Diggins and Jordan Dunn

So today on Youtube I subscribed to the Nike Women channel, you should too...they have lots of great fitness videos along with other cool videos. There are a set of fitness videos that features one of my favorite athletes Allyson Felix. Check them out below!


I plan on implementing a few of these exercises into my weekly fitness routine...
I'm trying to get my summer body ready!
I still have this spare tire around my waist = /

So after watching the fitness videos I came across Allyson's feature on Nice Kicks "Sneak Peek", this is a show that features lots of celebs and athletes, along with their grand sneaker collections.
While watching this video I couldn't help but think back to days that I once dreamed of having a 12ft x 12ft closet full of just shoes. hah!
But as I've gotten older and a bit wiser the idea of having a closet for just shoes seems a bit ludicrous to me now... I…