Allyson Felix, Skylar Diggins and Jordan Dunn

So today on Youtube I subscribed to the Nike Women channel, you should too...they have lots of great fitness videos along with other cool videos. There are a set of fitness videos that features one of my favorite athletes Allyson Felix. Check them out below!

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This girl got some skill huh?
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I plan on implementing a few of these exercises into my weekly fitness routine...
I'm trying to get my summer body ready!
I still have this spare tire around my waist = /

So after watching the fitness videos I came across Allyson's feature on Nice Kicks "Sneak Peek", this is a show that features lots of celebs and athletes, along with their grand sneaker collections.
While watching this video I couldn't help but think back to days that I once dreamed of having a 12ft x 12ft closet full of just shoes. hah!
But as I've gotten older and a bit wiser the idea of having a closet for just shoes seems a bit ludicrous to me now... I realize that material items such as clothing and shoes are petty right now in my life.
I no longer have the shoe fetish I had back in high school.
I'd much rather spend that money traveling the world.
Maybe when I become financially wealthy $$$ and feel like spending money frivolously along with having a Nike contract like Allyson Felix I will indulge in having that 12ft x 12ft closet for shoes lol!
Nonetheless thanks for sharing your closet with us Allyson I really liked the Tiffany inspired chic!


Also checkout what Allyson listens to before a race below:

Also check out Nike Women's video featuring Skylar Diggins! She is also one of my favs!!

Jourdan Dunn and Skylar Diggins on Jay-Z's Life and Times love these two ladies here!

These ladies are all awesome and talented black women! Loving their success, stride on queens!