Trying to Rid the Spare Tire!

Yo yo yo!
SOOO yesterday I honestly don't know what got into me lol!
I was laying down with Ms. Zoë watching our favorite channel... HGTV!
When all of a sudden in between a commercial I went to the bedroom and grabbed my jump ropes.

"It's like my brain went into auto pilot mode and I subconsciously got tired of feeling fat"

I returned to the living room changed the station to VH1 Soul and of course they were playing all of Pharrell's videos since yesterday was his birthday!
From N.E.R.D. - Everyone Nose  to Jay-Z ft. Pharrell - Excuse Me Miss to my favorite Pharrell song Frontin' ... I was workin' up a lil' sweat and feelin' good ... until I woke up this morning..
I can barely laugh without feeling a slight burn in my stomach muscles lol!

This is a plank alternative I found to be quite effective...
Last summer while in Tampa a friend of mines got me a gym membership to LA Fitness.
One day at the gym I seen a man doing this exercise and I thought to myself that looks like it works... At the time I didn't want to look like that creep in the gym watching people and copying their workout routines HAHA so I waited till I got home to try it out and it did work and really targeted my obliques.

Last night I did 6 sets of 30 alternating sides along with jumping rope and a few sets of squats.


Hoping to keep this up!

Can you believe Pharrell is 41?! The Huff Post ran this article on him today!
41 Outfits That Prove Pharrell's Style Is Out Of This World