Va$htie Kola shares her beauty secrets and favorite products

The "Jane of All Trades" Vashtie Kola shares some of her favorite beauty products with Into The Gloss. She also mentions that she looks up her beauty products on the EWG's Skin Deep Database!

I've mentioned the Environmental Working Group's website before in a few post check them out here, here and here. This database is awesome because it breaks down the potential harm of each ingredient, along with rating the risk 1 - 10. How awesome is that?

via ITG

via ITG
Vashtie shares her approach with beauty products...
"But my approach to beauty is how I am with food and everything else. I’m super organic and green, I’m all about it. I’ll do research for products on Safe Cosmetics Database. They rate everything on a scale from 1-10 from least to most toxins. For example, I wear contact lenses so I looked up the most toxic brands of contact solution and actually the drugstore brand is the one that ranked the lowest. Sometimes you think, ‘Oh I have to get some boutique line in order to not have all the bad chemicals,’ but you’d be surprised.

A lot of it is about being green, but it’s a health-conscious thing, too, because I think that you should ideally be able to eat whatever you’re putting on your skin.

I’ve been really conscious of this kind of stuff for probably the past 10 years, but I feel like I’ve only been super committed to the entire lifestyle—diet, beauty, whatever—over the past five years because it’s pricey. Raw food is so expensive, so I like to just make salads and soups at home. I would say I’m not 100 percent raw, probably closer to 80 percent." 

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via ITG

via ITG

Vashtie directed Kendrick Lamar's video "ADHD"

Along with "Us Placers" by Lupe, Kanye and Pharrell