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Black Friday - Cyber Monday The Start to my GREAT weekend

So today was a goodGREAT day! I slept in till body really needed those few extra hours.
I read a few devotionals out of my Love Language Minute Devotional by Gary Chapman. 
Honestly it is not a book I would buy from the bookstore but my mom gave me this book a year ago as a gift...I never really followed through with reading it daily but I am happy I picked it up again. I find great Bible verses that encourage me to sit and reflect from time to time.

Around 11:30 in the afternoon Jared and I rode down into town to pick up my Vitacost package from the post office... Total awesomeness... I ordered 3 Aubrey Conditioners, 2 Aubrey Gels, Aztec Bentonite Clay, Dr. Woods Liquid Soap and some lovely natural organic cotton feminine products! 
I am already putting together another shopping cart online of things I am going to order probably next week.

I also did 4 loads of laundry, made a banging ass turkey sandwich, and sat on the couch with my boo thang HAH! Jared actually watched a few HG…

Sail Out

So a few years ago my bestfriend put me onto Jhene Aiko...and I love her for that! lol
Two weeks ago Annette(my bestfriend) told me that the album dropped and I should listen to it.
So happy I did because this album was on heavy rotation for a week. Kinda had to wean myself off of it it were coffee or something lol.

Still going forward

"Still going forward in contentment...within the factors that shape prosperity and disaster"

Montessori to Magens

This weekend I accomplished something I never thought I could do....I ran well let me rephrase that lol jogged/walked 8 miles. 
The event was named M2M which is short for 
Montessori to Magens <----check out the facebook page

All proceeds went to the American Red Cross, and Virgin Islands Mothers Against Guns. 

I was so proud of myself because I hadn't been training at all for this road race...the last time I really 
ran was in Prospect Park this past September.

I was so unsure about this race.... I waited till the last week to go sign-up...But I kinda surprised myself when I finished in 1 hour & 48 mins which isn't too bad...that is about 13 minute miles. ehhhhh not the greatest but again I hadn't ran in what felt like forever...

Next year I plan on running this race again... with the hopes to better my time.