Black Friday - Cyber Monday The Start to my GREAT weekend

So today was a good GREAT day! I slept in till body really needed those few extra hours.
I read a few devotionals out of my Love Language Minute Devotional by Gary Chapman. 
Honestly it is not a book I would buy from the bookstore but my mom gave me this book a year ago as a gift...I never really followed through with reading it daily but I am happy I picked it up again. I find great Bible verses that encourage me to sit and reflect from time to time.

Around 11:30 in the afternoon Jared and I rode down into town to pick up my Vitacost package from the post office... Total awesomeness... I ordered 3 Aubrey Conditioners, 2 Aubrey Gels, Aztec Bentonite Clay, Dr. Woods Liquid Soap and some lovely natural organic cotton feminine products! 
I am already putting together another shopping cart online of things I am going to order probably next week.

I also did 4 loads of laundry, made a banging ass turkey sandwich, and sat on the couch with my boo thang HAH! Jared actually watched a few HGTV shows with me today while eating our lunch together! I love the weekends because we get to spend quality time together. 

On top of that today I did a bit of browsing online today and found a few pairs of pants I seen on Gap a few weeks ago were now 50% off because of Black Friday Sales. WOOT WOOT! So happy I waited till this weekend to buy them I saved $75.

Along with some Vagabond shoes I've been eyeing since forever I originally seen them on Urbanoutfitters but I found them today on Solestuck for 40% off!


And to tie that all up I got 10 undies for $30 from....


Now I am going to wind down a bit sip on a glass of red wine and probably watch a bit of tv before going to bed.
*Pats myself on the back and thanks the man above*