Montessori to Magens

Bottom right corner sporting my Ky-Tie-Dye tank!
This weekend I accomplished something I never thought I could do....I ran well let me rephrase that lol jogged/walked 8 miles. 
The event was named M2M which is short for 
Montessori to Magens <----check out the facebook page

All proceeds went to the American Red Cross, and Virgin Islands Mothers Against Guns. 

I was so proud of myself because I hadn't been training at all for this road race...the last time I really 
ran was in Prospect Park this past September.

I was so unsure about this race.... I waited till the last week to go sign-up...But I kinda surprised myself when I finished in 1 hour & 48 mins which isn't too bad...that is about 13 minute miles. ehhhhh not the greatest but again I hadn't ran in what felt like forever...

Next year I plan on running this race again... with the hopes to better my time.