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Weekend Jams

Just sharing some tunes I was bumpin' this weekend...enjoy

Lounge Music


Update St. Thomas Carnival 2015

Figured I'd share a day to day review of my take on the 2015 St. Thomas Carnival! So lets jump on in....
Wednesday, I took the day off to enjoy the "Food Fair" and the "From then 'til Now" art show. The "Food Fair" was nice, seen a lot of familiar faces. We got there a little too late because lots of the dishes were already sold out! Next year I'll be sure to get out there early and I may even even bring an umbrella to shade me from the sun... because boy oh boy was it HOTT that day! The "From the 'til Now" art show was nice, I didn't snap many photos but I did post this photo to my Instagram.
----------------------------- Thursday, I actually got up early and made it down to the waterfront in time to catch a 'lil bit of Jouvert before work! Talk about "Wake up to wuk up" <---- GOSH this song was stuck in my head all day! Big Ups SDotFilms on this video and Spectrum Band!
----------------- Friday... Welp! Bee…

Tech N9ne "Aw Yeah?"

Tech N9ne came out with a new album this week titled Special Effects, I haven't heard the whole album yet but I do like "Aw Yeah?" and a couple other songs. Big up Kansas City!

Here is a lyrical snippet of the song:

"...Human equality never been a level playin' field
Man, it been wobbly
So many circles of sin rob me
That’s why we go angel to grim Cosby’s!
Yellin' this to my superior, degrading of love is inferior
Upon this earth a lot of people jerked around
About 300,000 to Syria
Are you serious?
I could never think of burying my children p-p-period
...I'mma yell while I'm walking through this hell cause I'm furious
Zuse know what's up, he said you got to pack a toy
But why you gotta let the bodies drop in a coffee shop in Aussie?(Aussie, Oi Oi Oi)
But around here loving coco's the bomb
Meanwhile so many people are taken out
By the hands of Boko Haram