Update St. Thomas Carnival 2015

Figured I'd share a day to day review of my take on the 2015 St. Thomas Carnival! So lets jump on in....
Wednesday, I took the day off to enjoy the "Food Fair" and the "From then 'til Now" art show. The "Food Fair" was nice, seen a lot of familiar faces. We got there a little too late because lots of the dishes were already sold out! Next year I'll be sure to get out there early and I may even even bring an umbrella to shade me from the sun... because boy oh boy was it HOTT that day! The "From the 'til Now" art show was nice, I didn't snap many photos but I did post this photo to my Instagram.
Installation featuring Shomo Art Studios stained glass work and Blackwood Imaging photography
Thursday, I actually got up early and made it down to the waterfront in time to catch a 'lil bit of Jouvert before work! Talk about "Wake up to wuk up" <---- GOSH this song was stuck in my head all day! Big Ups SDotFilms on this video and Spectrum Band!
Welp! Beenie Man was a NO SHOW! Not gonna lie, I was pretty bummedddd!
This is what he posted on Instagram the day of the show!
Check out @neck24_7 comment *chuckle*
Although I was bummed, the news wasn't shocking lol. Sadly I was not surprised HAH!
I decided that I wasn't going to let that ruin my night, I still went out and spent the night on the town' with my cousins. We enjoyed Pressure and Triple K's performances. I've seen Pressure perform a couple of times now, yet every time I hear "Love and Affection" I can't help but sing a long. That is a beautiful song.
I opted to watch the Adults Parade at home because I was still pretty tired from the night before...plus I had a couple deadlines to meet, so I decided it was best to stay home. Good thing Esonica was hosting the parade for WTJX Channel 12, she kept it quite entertaining (GO SONIC!) 
That night there was a firework show, Jared took a time-lapse of the fireworks. Check out his video!

We were hoping for a better show, but HEY! we are forever grateful. I'd rather some fireworks than no fireworks!
Later that night we went over to a friends house to watch thee Mayweather vs Pacquiao boxing match. I was the only girl there.... it kinda felt like a I crashed a party lol (sorry guyssss).
The match was pretty dull to say the least....#TEAMPACMAN.
"Last Lap" on Magens Bay! I spent the day tanning, relaxing, eating fried yellowtail, drinking champagne AND rum, eating johnny cakes and laughing with family and friends. 
Beautiful Magens Bay - St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
This years carnival was enjoyable there was very little violence in the community, so things ran smoothly...well besides after Jouvert when two girl got into a altercation which ended with one girl stabbed. But that did stop the Fete, I enjoyed myself... and as my pops likes to say "Building Community is important"