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Stand The Test

This album has been on a constant rotation for the past month! Midnite has released 50+ albums, Stand The Test is definitely in my top 5 Midnite Albums. 

"The human said they to fill their lives up with fun, cause life is a comedy and tragedy some... 
Rastafari bind up the broken heart in one"
Midnite - Ina Zion 
Album: Stand The Test

I know they also just dropped yet another album titled "Ride Thru" ... can't wait to hear the full album! In the mean time here is a promo mix.


Do yourself a favor and listen to FKA Twigs..

Carlos Latuff Cartoons

Carlos Latuff is a talented cartoon artist who from Brazil.
Latuff is widely known for referring to current events and politics in his art works.  He has touched on issues like Bayer rice lawsuit, legalization of marijuana, feminism and the most recent Ferguson case. These pieces will probably get your website and IP flagged by "babylon" just for sharing LOL! But this is art and it tells a story... how that story moves you is totally your perception... in which we are all entitled to. So CAUTION... proceed with an open mind. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So far this is my favorite Latuff piece that I've titled "Mental Slavery" because it is so fitting. Don't cha' think?! I do not know if this piece actually has a name already. I cannot find an official print site with this image for sale... please share details if you have any.  I'd really like to have an official print of …