Carlos Latuff Cartoons

Carlos Latuff is a talented cartoon artist who from Brazil.
Latuff is widely known for referring to current events and politics in his art works. 
He has touched on issues like Bayer rice lawsuit, legalization of marijuana, feminism and the most recent Ferguson case. These pieces will probably get your website and IP flagged by "babylon" just for sharing LOL! But this is art and it tells a story... how that story moves you is totally your perception... in which we are all entitled to. So CAUTION... proceed with an open mind.
So far this is my favorite Latuff piece that I've titled "Mental Slavery" because it is so fitting. Don't cha' think?! I do not know if this piece actually has a name already.
I cannot find an official print site with this image for sale... please share details if you have any. 
I'd really like to have an official print of this image. 

Justice System, what are your thoughts? 
Trayvon Martin?
Michael Brown vs Darren Wilson? 
What about the Eric Garner case ... excessive force or protocol?!

Remember the lawsuit filled on Bayer for ruining the rice farms?
"A Bayer AG (BAYN) unit agreed to a $750 million settlement resolving claims with about 11,000 U.S. farmers who said a strain of the company’s genetically modified rice tainted crops and ruined their export value" via Bloomberg

Legalization of marijuana, Latuff touched that topic too.. back in 2010
I'll like to title this one "Why you gotta be soo rude" (LOVE THAT SONG BTW =))

The crime rate in Honduras has risen consistently over the last decade, and was named the highest in the world in 2013. This saddens me because I am half HondureƱa and I have family that still lives there. Hoping to see a change there soon.

War? Military? 


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This is some good artwork.