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Funny comments on a CNN post

Skimming through CNN's website and I came across an interesting article about the growing surfing community in Dakar, Africa. 
The comments section made me chuckle, sooo of course I up-voted commenter Morecore and Flatlandr's attempt to re-route the folks who may jump on the "surfing in Dakar" bandwagon after reading this article... lol! I'm no surfer but Dakar seems like a nice place visit!

M2M Road Race "8 Miles To The Beach"

Welp, it is the day after and I am feeling the aches all over my body but... I still feel great!
Yesterday, I physically and mentally survived Montessori to Magens! It was tough but I was happy to knock 5 mins off my time from last year.
This is such a wonderful community event held on St. Thomas and a portion of the proceeds go to VI Mothers Against Guns and My Brother's Workshop.

This year I sported my Curtis Kulig Special Edition LeSportsac Fanny Pack! Which was gifted to me this summer by my loving best friend Ann. Inside this glorious fanny I packed my iPhone, headphones, lip balm, an extra pair of socks (just in case it rained...I hate soggy feet) and a passionfruit (which I enjoyed while walking up Cassi Hill)!

And this is one of my biggest fears whenever I am in NYC

"A 61-year-old man was allegedly pushed onto the subway tracks in the Bronx on Sunday morning when an incoming D train was approaching. The man was killed by the train and reports say that his wife watched on in horror." Well how horrible is this headline? Oh and it gets worse... "Emergency responders came to the scene but Wai Kuen Kwok could not be saved. According to police, the man who pushed Kwok did not know him, and the search has begun to find the suspect" Yes you read that correctly...they do not have the suspect.
The crazies are out here, be careful. 

Rules to love?

A couple days ago the Elephant Journal shared their 55 Rules For Love.

My favorites from this list were:
1. When it arrives, cherish it.
6. Accept and forgive easily.
8. Never be too busy for each other.
19. Celebrate differences.
24. Learn and grow.
30. Instead of power, aim for balance.
31. Space is needed to breathe and to grow.
35. Don’t play mind games.
37. Don’t waste energy with negative thoughts.
43. Don’t just speak about it, show love.
44. Walk together, cook together, bathe together, read together.
47. Trust.

Mobile Technology Now Being Compared To An Orgasm ?!

So I just read this post titled:
"Texting Has The Same Effect As An Orgasm, That’s Why You’re Addicted"
Well first off I must say that comparing texting to an orgasm seems a bit extreme!? But I can only speak for myself, lol. What I can agree with in this Elite Daily post is the fact that... yes, one can become addicted to texting.
There are times that I find myself attached to my iPhone throughout the day because I am literally "holding" a conversation with someone or some group chat.  Whether it be with a loved one or friend, the excitement associated with texting can satisfy some strange unfamiliar "need/want".  For me a lot of the time it is just the fact that I can get an instant response from another person without having to verbally communicate or completely stop what I am doing.  I find that the origins of these "needs/wants" can be out of boredom or serve an actual purpose. I also think that texting can sometimes be an habitual thing for…

MNDSEYE Presents "L.I.F.E" The Short Film Inspired by Mike Lawry

BIG UP MNDSEYE! Director Sean David you are thee master mind! 
And what better artist to create with than Mike Lawry?! 
This short film is awesome, great work to everyone.

Check out Mike Lawry's latest work "Make Da City Proud"

I am so inspired by my friends out here creating art and keeping their dreams alive! 
Your artistic contributions to the world are greatly appreciated,much...

FKA Twigs peforms on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

FKA Twigs performed "Two Weeks" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. This song happens to be one of my favorites! The performance was unlike any I've seen before... this song has an avant-garde feel and sound... but I love the balance with the fabric flowing around her so gracefully just like her movements. She really is an amazing artist and... like always her edges are always laiddd lol...I like her style a lot!

This is the official video for the song "Two Weeks" <3

Okkk! So I must say this video is a bit dark... but I don't find it to be demonic like one Youtuber commented. I still enjoyed the artistic approach in this video and the song is amazing as well!

I also like the songs "Pendulum" and "Papi Pacify" ... her sound is different and I like different... Her new album EP.1 flows so well with my....

I love myself

Cheers to Kendrick for this awesome, uplifting song!