Mobile Technology Now Being Compared To An Orgasm ?!

So I just read this post titled:

"Texting Has The Same Effect As An Orgasm, That’s Why You’re Addicted"

via Elite Daily

Well first off I must say that comparing texting to an orgasm seems a bit extreme!? But I can only speak for myself, lol. What I can agree with in this Elite Daily post is the fact that... yes, one can become addicted to texting.

There are times that I find myself attached to my iPhone throughout the day because I am literally "holding" a conversation with someone or some group chat. 
Whether it be with a loved one or friend, the excitement associated with texting can satisfy some strange unfamiliar "need/want". 
For me a lot of the time it is just the fact that I can get an instant response from another person without having to verbally communicate or completely stop what I am doing. 
I find that the origins of these "needs/wants" can be out of boredom or serve an actual purpose. I also think that texting can sometimes be an habitual thing for some. Once you get accustomed to receiving text messages, your brain associates the vibrate or ring as some sort of gratification/reward. 

Also, I would like to believe that once you find yourself engulfed in a texting conversation you tend to pick up on the cyclic patterns of your conversations with certain people. I find myself carrying some kind of texting etiquette, lol!

Yes, this advancement in technology has created a boost in the way we communicate.
For example, while at work or in a venue that is blasting music far too loud to hold a verbal phone can now maintain a communication line with others and multi-task at the same time.
BUT, all in all we need to learn to put down the phones and get back to nature. 
Actually sit down and have a physically connection with someone!
Because from my experience those connections are far more satisfying than a text message. 

I am so happy I randomly came across this article today, speaks volumes and
hits home. The fact that people are stating that a text message has the same effect as an orgasm, is just crazy.