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Prince the Legend

A true musician! With over 39 albums the forever evolving, undeniably talentedMusical Icon Prince will be missed. "For You" debuted in 1978, that is nearly 4 decades of music! 

Sundays Chill Out Wave

Browsing the web and I came across a few songs that I felt like sharing... enjoy!

Underwater Video of a Hawksbill Sea Turtle in Paradise

Check out shomophoto's recent underwater video that was shot on the coast of St. John. I believe the baby sea turtle that appeared is a Hawksbill Sea Turtle. This video showcases the beautiful coral reefs and sea life here in the US Virgin Islands, enjoy!

Here in the Caribbean these sea turtles are critically ‪endangered‬. Many hunt the Hawksbills for their meat and beautiful shells which have been made into jewelry for centuries.

Check out the VI Sea Turtle Project for more information on the importance of biodiversity and how it plays a big role in our ecosystem. Each species no matter how small all have