"Dare To Dream" at The Dali

Last month my friends and I visited the "Dare To Dream" exhibit at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. Disney at Dali! I couldn't miss that.

The Squad

"Disney and Dali broke new ground as artists—the Walt Disney Family Museum and The Dali will deliver a brave new world of experience” said the museums Executive Director H. Hine.
"Dare To Dream" is described as "...a multi-sensory environment of moving image, soundscapes, and the transformative aura of exquisite individual paintings."
The 360° virtual reality experience "Dreams of Dali" was amazing, I was totally geeked out!
Dali's paintings were transformed into a magical dreamscape, the oculus rift technology blew my mind. You were able to self direct your way through his dream, the digital walkabout really made me feel like I was in Dali's painting. It was so surreal, which screams Dali.

Entrance to the Disney and Dali "Dare to Dream" exhibit
Unfortunately, there was a photo restriction in the "Dare to Dream" gallery but I did manage to snap a few shots in the other galleries. Enjoy!

"Self Portrait"
painted in 1921

"Gala Nude Looking at the Sea Which at 18 Metres Appears the President Lincoln"
"The Hand. The Remorse of Conscience"
"The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus"
"The Hallucinogenic Toreador"
157 x 118 inches
"The Disintegration of Persistence of Memory"

Check out "Dreams of Dali"
*be sure to maneuver around by using the control stick at the top left corner on the video player.


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