"Pull up to my bumper, baby"

At 67 years old young Grace Jones is still rockin' it! Take a look at this photo that was shot just a couple days ago at the Parklife Music Festival 2015. She is creative, bold and beautiful. 

Parklife Music Fest 2015 via Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage

Grace Jones was born in Jamaica and later moved to Syracuse, NY. Prior to getting becoming a music artist, Grace started with a career in modeling. I adore Grace Jones because throughout the years she has shown that she is quite comfortable in her skin. I've come across some photos that were taken in the 80's and her audacious style is one of a kind... and her music matches that same funky flare. Check out some of her album covers and posters below.

Jam out to this...


"Use, don't abuse" - Grace Jones

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