Ghost Style Hip Hop Music Video Using Time Lapse Photography

Check out this awesome time lapse music video shot in Hong Kong featuring Ghost Style. It took nearly one year, 6000 photos and 10 different locations to shoot this video.

Ghost Style 'Love Never Dies' from Patrick Cheung Power Up on Vimeo.

"It took nearly one year in Hong Kong, 6000 photos and 10 locations to create this music video. After the success of my last timelapse/hyperlapse video "Motorized City" I've decided to take it to the next level and do a music video. Brandon Ho from the local Hong Kong hip hop group, 24 Herbs, came to me with a song and agreed to let me use his track for this video. Brandon had to move step by step and stand for nearly 2 hours for every shot. In one particular shot he had to change his shirt every 25 photos. Please enjoy my video."
via Vimeo