So what happens to the "inglorious" fruits & vegetables?

The french supermarket chain Intermarché sought out the unattractive, imperfect, inglorious fruits and vegetables from their farmers and sold this produce in their stores at a 30% discounted price.
In this video a farmer expresses that they toss all the produce that doesn't fit the "norm". 
Can you imagine all the food that goes to waste?
I think Intermarché came up with a brilliant idea to help reduce food waste. The supermarket chain also creates soups and juices from these "inglorious" fruits and veggies.

The European Union has decided that 2014 will be the year against food waste, it would be awesome if other supermarkets and countries worldwide hop on this bandwagon! 
I know I'd buy an awkward looking carrot or eggplant if it was being sold at a discounted price!