The Kung Fu Kitten Masters

Zoƫ and the Pussycats!

So last month we "rescued" FIVE kittens that we found in our neighborhood. I know that sounds a bit crazy but when we found them they were very young and malnourished. I mean how can one not want to step in and help. The plan was to nurse the kittens back to health and then find them homes or give them to The Humane Society. But after having them for a few weeks they started to grow on us well more so

Each cat has their own personality. We have officially named 3 of the 5 kittens:
Vision, Storm Cloud and Josie aka Curious George.

Here is a short clip of the kittens practicing their Mixed Martial Arts. We got a little Kitty Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu and a little Wrestling enjoy!

More videos to come!