Taking a trip down "cyber" memory lane

As I skim through this blog checking out my old post...I laugh and reflect.
Though I am still not sure if I'd like to make all post "public" just yet 
I find it intriguing to see what and where my mind escaped to years ago... I wish I could retrieve my Xanga and Livejournal blogs I created in middle school and high school... that would be a treat!
Honestly I cannot remember what my url was exactly.. 
It was something along the lines of xhugsandkiszesx ... 
I remember my best friends Alexis's xanga address was something like xxsunkissedsurfer and Daniela's was something like xkickstartmyheartx..
As we can see here the trend at that time was to have an "x" in your username.

I eventually stopped posting to Xanga because LiveJournal exceed Xanga's design and was user friendly... But of course I cannot remember that log-in information either. 
But agholder was and still is a place of retreat for me... in the form an online tack board. I refuse to delete it or completely abandon ship. As humans we are constantly evolving and thus came missfunkadelic.

And I am now working on something else...
more updates next month!