RIP Smuggles
7/2010 - 5/2014

I bought you as a gift for my niece
but that didn't work out to say the least

I thought about taking you back to the pet shop 
and tell them my plan was flop

But then I figured lets not
it would all work out if I came up with a plot

You see the following day I was to set to travel
and boy was I nervous about what could unravel

So to keep my zen in tack
I started to pack

Lots of time spent to make you a little vent
sorry for the troubles you underwent

But you didn't have papers so you were traveling illegal
 if anything went wrong I would need a paralegal

We made it through TSA without a red flag
boy I couldn't wait to get my bag

As we boarded the flight
I got rid of all fright 

After the plane ride
you no longer had to hide

You acclimated well 
and this became my favorite story to tell

So I am still a little sad about Smuggles death but it didn't catch me by surprise I noticed she wasn't doing to well a two days prior to her passing...she lived a long gerbil life and I am happy we crossed paths. Yesterday we planted a Cupuassu tree in commemoration of Smuggles. 
Until next time my friend!