1st Annual Slider Showdown at Yacht Haven Grande

Last week Saturday (May 17th 2014) Jared of shomophoto ;) shot some photos for IGY Yacht Haven Grande. The Marina was hosting the 1st Annual Slider Showdown benefiting the All Saints Cathedral School.
I decided to set my anxiety aside and pick up a camera and shoot this event with him...Jared is always encouraging me to shoot with him but I get a little anxious because honestly I have not mastered manual focusing nor having the proper ISO, AWB, etc etc settings yet.
Although this wasn't my first time shooting an event..it was my first time in a long time and I am happy I decided to shoot with him. I really gained a little bit more confidence and understanding, check out some of the photos we ...well mostly Jared shot lol. It was a really fun day out on the lawn at YHG I seen a few friends and my cousin Crystal.


Ran into Jason and Papito
My friends Kashi, Safiya, myself and cousin Crystal
The beautiful Ziray!
There was a slider eating competition and this Dog was the wild card!
The dog was the crowd's favorite and the dog seemed to be off to a great start until...
The dog hit a wall!
The dog ate all the beef patties and left behind the bread lol
This was a great event and I am looking forward to the next one.