Kicking off the week RIGHT! is a rather unflattering update! I have gained! There I said it!
For those who may know me this is kind of a big deal! 
I like to maintain my weight and usually never allow myself to go off track... BUT...
I HAVE NOT been eating "CLEAN" at all!
About a month ago my boss passed along the book "Clean"  after having a conversation on how we both need to get back to eating clean but of course we keep procrastinating...and I have yet to start reading the book. 

But honestly I do not hate myself for the weight gain.. I loved every minute of pigging out and drinking! Yes drinking...I seem to find a reason to celebrate everything with a glass or two of wine lately! 

Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things soon lol. 
First things first! I will take a jog tomorrow morning! Which means I need to go to bed like now because I am NOT a fan of waking up early!

Here are some quotes I found around the web...enjoy!