Just a random blurb...

All is well lots going on..with my job and all but...
Ms. Zoë is doing good.
I recently changed her diet a bit... I am incorporating kibble back into her diet just to make sure she gets a balanced meal...well she has gained a little bit of weight now. My little angel is now 35 lbs and 3 years old! My oh my... where has the time gone!

Bent my iPhone some how?!
My insurance replaced it with a brand new iPhone! Thanks Sprint!!!
I didn't even have the phone for a full month. So I definitely need to invest in a better case.

Seen Midnite live last month...as always one of the best concerts of all time. The Bordeaux Ag Fair is always a good vibe. 

Seen Beres Hammon in St. John which was awesome too! Spent the night at Grande Bay. Shwwweeeettt!

Had a bottle of Dom P Rose...spectacular!

So much for that cleanse! Huh! It is February 9th and I still haven't gotten around to it. But I have been chowing down on chia seeds. I love chia seeds so much. 

Ordered some pizza last night from Thirteen in Northside and as I walked in I seen some of my friends. Had a glass of wine while I waited for my pizza...Seems like Thirteen was running a bit behind schedule being that I waited almost an hour for my pizza. But the company I was with made time pass quickly. Thanks Sean, Shawn and Petty.

My cousins and I decided that once a week we should get together and do something fun. Last week we went to a t-ball game to cheer on our little(2nd) cousin. Thee cutest thing ever!!! My little cousin TJ is going to be a star! This weekend they joined my at my job for my wine tasting and then we grabbed a bite to eat  after. Then spent the rest of the at my dads house. Good times with my loved ones.

Starting to plan my annual summer vacation...  This year my cousin Ejah is getting married to the love of her life James in September in Florida woot woot!

I went by the USVINORML party last night at Hull Bay! Support De Ting!

I am so blessed all praise to Jah! Yessi
Hah!  ;D