"Some changes happen deep down inside of you.
And the truth is, only you know about them."

-Judy Blume

Found this quote a while back and loved it because it is so true!  

Soo this holiday season I was feeling quite jolly...everyone and they mama got a gift card or money order. Buying gift cards seems like the easy way out but I'd rather give a gift I know you'll love... and no one turns down a gift card or ca$h. 
It just makes gift shopping a breeze if you ask me. But I do admire those of you who plan ahead and get your shopping done weeks in advance. I just don't got time fo' it! 

The only person I shopped around for this year was my boy frann Jared!

I am sooo looking forward to all the great things 2014 has in store for all of us!

I rung in the NEW YEAR with some amazing and talented people (Delise, Lori, Darien, Alicia & a few others). We took a day sail around the Virgin Islands then stopped at Jost Van Dyke for the "Old Years Night" celebration @ Foxy's. Which was AWESOME! 

Being the little "foodie" that I think I am haha... my favorite part of the whole trip was dinner at Sydneys Peace & Love. Fresh caught lobster... on New Years Eve... on the beach in the BVI. That sounds perfect to me!
Delicious Caribbean Lobster! We got to pick which one we wanted for dinner!

Ohhh and while I was watching the chef prepare my meal I met a man who was from Tampa. We chit chatted a bit then I asked him what part of Tampa he was from and to my surprise he said Brandon! Then he followed by saying he graduated from Brandon High School many years back! !!! Whaaa Whaa What!!! At that instant I think I reached out and gave him a hug and blurted out that I too graduated from Brandon...we both smiled at amazement and called each others Eagles, which was our high school mascot. 

You can see him pictured above in the white tank top with a hat on right next to my delicious lobster.

Who would of thought that I'd meet a fellow Brandon High Alum in the British Virgin Islands????
Talk about 6 degrees of separation

On New Years Day Jared and I spent the afternoon at my dad's...and of course we popped a few bottles of champagne and made a few toast to the NEW YEAR & LIFE. If anyone knows my dad they should know that his middle name should be changed to Vueve. haha love that man! 

Wishing everyone a great year!

Miss Alex