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Cat Helps Dog Escape

Animals are soo smart! Check it out!

Home Design Ideas

BOY!!! It has been a while since I have posted anything on here...
I have been so caught up in the current wave ...haven't made much time for my hobbies smh!

Today I realized that needs to change... so I will re-commit to blogging again!!!
BUT.... One social media site I have been quite active on is Pinterest (check out my profile...buttons to the top and bottom of page)
Lately I have been drafting together a few ideas for an upcoming facelift to a few of our living spaces and I have gotten a lot of my ideas from Pinterest!
Pinterest has so many great contributors I thank them all!

Check it out my Home Design board on Pinterest!!

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New Lauryn Hill

And of course more Lana Del Rey

Plotting in the tropics

So happy to be back in the VI…although I enjoyed my summer in the states I must say it feels good to be back home. I am looking forward to hitting the beach soon. Today might actually be the perfect day being that it is 92 degrees out!

Here is something for you to listen to, I love anything Lana Del Rey!