Osho Talks about God and religion

So this video may be a little deep for those of you who are not familiar with Osho. But I feel the need to share it because I myself get a bit perplexed when talking about religion.
While I do have religious background, I was raised going to church…matter-a-fact at one point I was attending church 3x a week. (not saying that it was a bad or good thing)

First let me state I am not here to bash your religion because we all have the freedom to think and believe what we want.
Over the years I've learned that denomination doesn't merit anything. You can switch your beliefs, attend several churches and still find yourself empty. It took me a while to realize that the peace I was searching for was within me the whole time.
And while I still enjoy going to church once in a while and reading certain books in The Bible, Proverbs in particular...
I find that being rooted in love first keeps me from going astray.

In this video a woman questions Osho's statement "There is no God" she continues to explain that she is confused because she experiences moments in her life when she feels something beautiful moving in her that she knows isn't her. She follows up by saying she doesn't call it God but calls it godliness.

Osho first sentence to her is Baby, My whole work is to confuse you…which gives the crowd quite a laugh but he explains in the video his perspective on God. And towards the ending he states:

"I will not say God is love, because that still keeps God as a person on the contrary I say love is God! You can forget all about God if you can understand love. That is enough religion more than that is not needed."

Now I am not insinuating that Osho is "thee great prophet" nor am I stating your religion is false... because we should never put that much faith into one man.
Some of us spend our whole lives searching for a God and following different religions... when the God we are searching for is within us already. By changing our acts and loving one another we can truly learn that godliness and happiness is achievable everyday…in every choice we make.