Interview with Vaughn Benjamin

So I came across this awesome interview with one of my favorite artists Vaughn Benjamin of the band  Midnite.
In this article Vaughn and King Toby talk about many things from music, biochemistry, culture, history and much more.
Check it out!

Below is clip from the transcript.

King Toby: And we saw His Majesty build up hospitals and, you know what I mean, education, all over Ethiopia, and sending students internationally to learn about technology and all these things. So, we Give Thanks. On the levels of where we started talking about vibes and good relations to, you know what I mean, technology now, we see ones caught up in this social media, Facebook, and just like drawing away from the humanistic aspect of being, you know, being InI. How does the I see technology playing that role in terms of InI relations now?

Vaughn Benjamin: Well, it gives people a deeper place to hide, and still there’s not anywhere to hide when you have intrusion and… you have spiritual dishonesty and spiritual honest. And, the east have different ways to say it, you have Karmic law and so forth. So, in this time, where you see all these things, there is no where to get away. There is more information and less knowledge. People used to go to the encyclopedia and then this is what was agreed in all nations. Now, there is far more information and less ways of ascertaining what is true. You see? So, nature and the cycles of nature will tell you what is true. You know. As we can see how many upheavals and changes we’re seeing right now. Right. This is what is true. So, its not even up to a politician or an activist whether we agree or disagree, but… the more we are become exposed to information and then it gives us deeper place to go under. People text the things that they could never say to someone’s face. The whole nation have a new added aspect of what’s possible quickly and it can feed many different kind of emotions. So, it’s a more, like I say, it’s a more proliferate time of information and less knowledge, so you will have to stick to the things which the Almighty put which is known as culture. Because culture is every… the juice and the water and the food and the green and… don’t care how high technology goes, they can’t go any higher than what is necessary and needed and provided for by creation even as raw material.