And who thought this was a good idea?

Fired Paraguayan bus drivers have themselves nailed to crosses

ASUNCION- Eight Paraguayan bus drivers have had themselves nailed to crosses to protest being fired by a transportation company after it rejected their plea for higher pay, a lawmaker said on Friday.

The drivers, from the northern town of Luque, are on their backs, nailed to wooden crosses laid out on the ground. Large nails pierce their hands at the base of the fingers.

They said they took the action in a desperate bid to be heard.

They have been nailed down for 15 days, according to Olga Ferreira de Lopez, a member of Paraguay's House of Congress who is monitoring the situation.

"There have been infections ... . Their state of health is getting complicated," she told Reuters.

Some of the drivers' wives are taking turns being nailed to crosses alongside their husbands.

via Reuters

Ummmm… A bit extreme? I think so… but what blew my mind was the fact that their wives are taking turns! Huh?