Squat Challenge

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So my co-workers and I are going to join the party and do the 30 day squat challenge! This time I plan to actually finish the whole month.


When I do squats I find it easier to place my hands behind my head rather than having them stretched out in front... there are many different techniques...but of them all POSTURE is VERY IMPORTANT!

*An Important Tip
Squatting with poor mechanics will result in injury.

Squatting with added weight puts compressive forces on the spine. Why don’t we see more spinal blowouts at the gym? Luckily, our spine can adapt to compressive tolerance.

But our spines need time to adapt. Take your time and allow this adaptation. To assist the process, build up your paraspinal muscles with exercises involving spinal extension and stabilization.

via www.precisionnutrition.com/all-about-spinal-health
Double check squat form:
Take a wider stance (at least shoulder width – if not wider)
Use natural foot positioning (similar to other athletic movements)
Keep heels in contact with the floor
Gaze forward or slightly up
Maintain lordotic curve in lower back — don’t round
If back squats don’t work, try front, zercher and goblet squats
Focus on hip extension — drive from the glutes and hips.

info via: www.precisionnutrition.com/all-about-spinal-health

I also like this video found on youtube