Russell Brand on MSNBC's show Morning Joe

Russell Brand takes over MSNBC's show Morning Joe and begins to mock the news anchors and staff seen in the background.
This video is comical and quite entertaining! The look on the anchors faces throughout the whole interview was priceless.
Check out the video at 5:05, Brand corrects the news anchor and stated:
"You shouldn't say he when a person is present, you should refer to the person by their name. That is the basic good manners"


At 6:35  Brand takes over the show and quickly mentions whistle blowers Abel Snowden and Bradley Manning. Of course the anchors did not respond to Brand. But I applaud Brand for uncanny way of bring light to these situations.

I've seen Russell Brand in LA while dinning at Katana in West Hollywood. While I did not get to meet him...his presence in the room was alluring. He is quite an entertainer and his new stand up comedy tour The Messiah Complex seems like it is going to be quite a show!
Hoping I can catch it when I visit the states in a few months.

here is the link to the Morning Joe interview:
check out Katana's Yelp here:
check more information about Abel Snowden the NSA whistleblower here: