6 processed and artificial ingredients to AVOID

Surfing the web today I came across an article on http://www.takepart.com/photos/processed-ingredients-avoid/refined-grains

1. Food Coloring
Often times labels as Red #40, Yellow #5 and Blue #2
Where can you find these ingredients? Red Velvet Cake! Now I am a sucker for sweets but I honestly one day had to think about what makes this cake RED? What makes this icing green? Imagine what this dye is doing to our insides.

2. Artifical Sweetners
Splenda, Sweet-N-Low and Equal. Sure they may be calorie free but the effects these chemicals have on the brain are not good.

3. Refined Grains
This includes products made from white flour (usually labeled as enriched “wheat” flour), white rice, corn meal, etc. When grains are refined the most nutritional part of the grain (the bran and germ) is removed. This prolongs shelf life, among other things, but remember...real food should (and does!) rot, so avoid the science experiment and stick to the whole grains provided to us by nature.

Instead, give up the white stuff and rely on nutritious whole grains like whole-wheat flour, oats, brown rice, quinoa, and others.

4. Factory-Farmed Meat And Seafood
Wild Caught Fish is the best bet! Stay away from Tilapia! Did you know that farm raised Salmon has added color to make the fish appear to be that salmon color.( #1 Food Coloring smh…)

Takepart.com states… "Instead, shop your local farmers market for humanely raised, pastured animal products. If you are concerned about the higher cost, then just eat less meat. It’s that simple. And when selecting seafood always pick the “wild caught” variety so you know they were raised in their natural environments and eating their natural diets."

Luckly I live in the Caribbean and I have access to local fisherman. But when I visit the states I try to visit Whole Foods. I know they have a great selection of fish to choose from that are humanely raised.

5. Ingredients You Would Not Cook With At Home

Look out for MSG!

6. Refined Oils

Stay away from vegetable oil…try to use organic cooking oils. Coconut, Olive and Sesame Oil are some my favorites…