Sun Power

Lindquist Beach St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
So if you follow me on Instagram you'd know that I love the beach.
One of my favorite things to do at the beach is sun bathing, I really enjoy feeling the rays on my slightly damp skin.

Surfing the web today I came across this interesting article below

“Along with food, air, and water, sunlight is the most important survival factor in human life.” 
-The National Institute of Mental Health

In the past 100 years, the majority of people around the world have transitioned from working outside all day to being stuck inside, with artificial lighting. 100 years ago we didn’t have sunscreen. Oddly enough, skin and other cancers have been on a dramatic rise in the last four decades, especially in more recent years – despite increased sunscreen usage and less overall sun exposure. Once one understands that sunlight is essential for a healthy body and strong immune system, the link becomes clear; it appears that sunscreen and lack of regular sunlight is more of a cause of cancer and health problems than the sun itself!

In this article I’ve compiled an array of intriguing factual information about the Sun, to help highlight its importance as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. My hope is that after reading this, you’ll be inspired to go out and spend more time in the sun every day – even during winter – because it does far more than just feel good and make you tan! First, let’s look at some basic truths related to the Sun:

The Sun Provides Life To Almost Every Living Thing On Our Planet
“Much of the nutritional energy utilized by life on this planet comes through the thin leaves of plant: with a mechanism called photosynthesis. Through microscopic pores in the leaf called stomata, the plant absorbs carbon dioxide. From the roots below, water is absorbed and brought through tiny veins to the leaf. Tiny chloroplasts of multiple chlorophyll molecules drink specific rays of the sun, utilizing those waveforms to split water into hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The resulting hydrogen atoms combine with with carbon dioxide to form carbohydrates, while oxygen atoms are released into the air as oxygen gas. The carbohydrates form sugars, starches, and cellulose within the plant, directly providing fuel to plant-eating species, and indirectly providing fuel for those species that eat plant-eaters. None of this could be possible without the energy of the sun.”

Positive Effects of Natural Sunlight On Our Bodies:
–> Increased feelings of well-being and relaxation, and decrease in allergies, headaches, joint pain, and backaches.
–> Increase in core body temperature, facilitating increased cell function and greater energy. This is why when on vacation or living in warm climates like on the beach we feel so great!
–> Increase in metabolism, providing increased effectiveness in our body’s detoxification and purification systems. The body’s detoxification process critical if we are to remain healthy in such a toxic environment in which most Americans are living.
–> Reduced Stress through Regulation of our Endocrine System. A lack of natural sunlight will disrupt the body’s endocrine systems, leading to hormonal imbalances, slowed metabolism, and adrenal insufficiency. A lack of natural sunlight can be a major contributor to mental and physical health problems, such as depression, obesity, and reduced energy.
–> Sunlight is a natural defense against several diseases. A number of diseases are attributable to lower levels of sunlight. Hypertension, atheroscloriosis, early dementia, Alzeheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, depression, arthritis, and lower back pain are just a few of the issues which have been linked to a lack of sun exposure.

“Along with food, air, and water, sunlight is the most important survival factor in human life.” -The National Institute of Mental Health
The sun is an essential element to good health, and the importance of making sure you’re getting enough sunlight cannot be emphasized enough. Getting your body the sunlight it needs will make you feel and look better, live longer, and help you harmonize with the world around you. So make time for it. Find a spot to watch it rise or set, and try to watch it as often as you can. Sitting in the sun is not an excuse to avoid other tasks – but rather an essential part of living a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Use your time in the sun to forget about life’s worries for a moment, and to recharge your mind and soul.