Mixed Greens, Strawberries & Cantaloupe
Day 6- The day went well my usually cup of Yogi Detox tea in the morning along with a bowl of fruit. The sore throat feeling was gone that afternoon. I can notice the amount of energy I have, come night time I am extremely active. I spent a few hours cleaning my room and packing for my flight on Saturday.

Day 7- Woke up feeling like a champion because I know I've completed my goal. At the beginning of this Raw Food Cleanse I didn't think it was possible but now that Day 7 is here I feel as if I could of went for 2 weeks. Which will be the goal for my next cleanse in the near future.
This morning I went to Fit2Run (which by the way is a great fitness shop with a juice bar located in International Mall, Tampa Fl) and requested an off the menu smoothie no protein powders, no yogurt, no milk all fruit. It was delicious as expected. Also, ordered a shot of organic wheat-grass! The benefits of wheat-grass are amazing I try to have a shot anytime possible.

All Fruit Smoothie- Strawberries, Blueberries & Raspberries 

I would suggest this Raw Food Cleanse to anybody. I've lost a total of 5 pounds in 7 days so if weight lost is your motive this is for you. My body feels amazing and my skin is so vibrant. And I am sure my organs are thanking me.
This cleanse has also changed my perspective on my daily diet. Eating greens and fruits daily is so important and I knew this prior to detoxing but never followed through with it daily, I will continue to incorporate greens and fruit into my daily diet again.

Mixed Greens, Strawberries, Cantoloupe, Grapes & Blueberries

10 Tips for those doing the Raw Food Cleanse: 

- Be realistic with your goal. 
If 7 days seems impossible for you then try for a 3 day Cleanse.
The important thing is to complete your goal and eat clean consecutively.

Come up with your own diet that works for your body.
Do your research everyone's body is different choose vegetables and fruits that will benefit you.

- When possible choose the organic brand. 
Remember the pesticides and other chemicals sprayed on produce is everything you are trying to avoid especially while detoxing. Keep in mind the Dirty Dozen List. Not sure what the Dirty Dozen List is check our this link ----->

- Drink lots of water. 
Water is key.

- Find a tea that will aid in the detoxing process.
I chose the Yogi Detox Tea , along with fresh mint and ginger which I consumed daily.

- Keep your fridge stocked. Good portion will keep you full.
If your fridge is stocked with fruits and vegetables you will not be temped to eat processed, cooked, or junk food.
Also, remember some fruits and vegetables are naturally low in calorie so you will need to eat a good portion to maintain the full feeling.

Avoid any fruit juices that are not 100% Juice.
If you have a blender or juicer put that machine to work. Nothing is better than fresh juices and smoothies.

- Avoid fatty salad dressings.
Balsamic vinaigrette if you find the need to add dressing. No Ranch or Ceasar dressings

- Tell your friends and family that you'll need their support.
Avoid events that don't support your current diet. If the restaurant doesn't offer healthy salad or fruit options it may be best not to attend.

- No alcohol. No Soda
Lots of toxins in alcohol and soda.