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Sun Power

So if you follow me on Instagram you'd know that I love the beach.
One of my favorite things to do at the beach is sun bathing, I really enjoy feeling the rays on my slightly damp skin.

Surfing the web today I came across this interesting article below

“Along with food, air, and water, sunlight is the most important survival factor in human life.”  -The National Institute of Mental Health

In the past 100 years, the majority of people around the world have transitioned from working outside all day to being stuck inside, with artificial lighting. 100 years ago we didn’t have sunscreen. Oddly enough, skin and other cancers have been on a dramatic rise in the last four decades, especially in more recent years – despite increased sunscreen usage and less overall sun exposure. Once one understands that sunlight is essential for a healthy body and strong immune system, the link becomes clear; it appears that sunscreen and lack of regular sunlight is more of a ca…

No such thing as privacy on the internet

Twitter has released its second transparency report, which demonstrated a frightening increase in requests for user data by the US government and ignited serious concerns over privacy and free expression.
­The list disclosed data requests from over 30 nations, and revealed that the US government was responsible for 815 of the 1,009 information requests in the second half of 2012 – just over 80 percent of all inquiries.
Twenty percent of all US requests were 'under seal,' meaning that users were not notified that their information was accessed.
The overall number of requests worldwide also steadily increased last year, rising from 849 in the January to June 2012 period to 1009 in the July to December 2012 period.
Twitter’s legal policy manager Jeremy Kessel blogged that, “it is vital for us (and other Internet services) to be transparent about government requests for user information.”

“These growing inquiries can have a serious chilling effect on free expression –…

Guideline to improving ones health

Shopping Guidelines for Real, Health-Promoting Food via

As the U.S. agriculture industry now stands, antibiotics, pesticides, genetically engineered ingredients, hormones and countless drugs are fair game for inclusion in your food. So if you purchase your food from a typical supermarket, you’re taking the chance that your food is teeming with chemicals and drugs — even those that have been banned in other countries due to adverse health effects.

So please do your health a favor and support the small family farms in your area. You’ll receive nutritious food from a source that you can trust, and you’ll be supporting the honest work of a real family farm.

It all boils down to this: if you want to optimize your health, you must return to the basics of healthy food choices. Put your focus on WHOLE foods — foods that have not been processed or altered from their original state — food that has been grown or raised as nature intended, without the use of chemical additives,…

Russia recently bans all American raised meat

Russia has recently banned U.S. meat supplies after discovering it contains ractopamine—a beta agonist drug that increases protein synthesis, thereby making the animal more muscular. This reduces the fat content of the meat. Ractopamine is known to affect the human cardiovascular system, may cause food poisoning, and is thought to be responsible for hyperactivity, muscle breakdown, and increased death and disability in livestock. As much as 20 percent of ractopamine remains in the meat you buy from the supermarket. Despite potential health risks, the drug is used in 45 percent of U.S. pigs, 30 percent of ration-fed cattle, and an unknown percentage of turkeys.

"Over the past couple of years, we’ve learned the unsavory truth about “pink slime,” reconstituted meat, and how the use of meat glue cheats you out of your hard-earned money at the grocery store and threatens your health. We’ve also learned that fast food fare such as McDonald’s hamburgers contain so many chemicals and so…

A Take Away Show

Lianne La Havas - No Room For Doubt | A Take Away Show

Bon Iver - Skinny Love | A Take Away Show

Phoenix - 1901 | A Take Away Show

I'm feeling electric tonight...

Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (Reich & Bleich Remix)

I just can't get enough of this album. I like this remix.

Get Funky!

Isaac Hayes....

New York

Well this is interesting...

He Loves Me

The beautiful Jill Scott...  

Check this out!

USDA Gives $500,000 Grant for Genetically-Engineered Pig Development

Really... half a million dollars to create GMO swine... I love the direction this nation is heading...SIKE!

Something fresh...

Artist: Cambatta
Genre: Rap
Listen to his mixtape here -------->

Skin Deep

Concern about the ingredients in your favorite cosmetic lines.
Check out The Environmental Working Group - Skin Deep


“Experience life in all possible ways --
good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light,
summer-winter. Experience all the dualities.
Don't be afraid of experience, because
the more experience you have, the more
mature you become.”
― Osho


Day 6- The day went well my usually cup of Yogi Detox tea in the morning along with a bowl of fruit. The sore throat feeling was gone that afternoon. I can notice the amount of energy I have, come night time I am extremely active. I spent a few hours cleaning my room and packing for my flight on Saturday.

Day 7- Woke up feeling like a champion because I know I've completed my goal. At the beginning of this Raw Food Cleanse I didn't think it was possible but now that Day 7 is here I feel as if I could of went for 2 weeks. Which will be the goal for my next cleanse in the near future.
This morning I went to Fit2Run (which by the way is a great fitness shop with a juice bar located in International Mall, Tampa Fl) and requested an off the menu smoothie no protein powders, no yogurt, no milk all fruit. It was delicious as expected. Also, ordered a shot of organic wheat-grass! The benefits of wheat-grass are amazing I try to have a shot anytime possible.

I would suggest this Raw F…

Healthy Snacks

This past Thursday I stopped by a health food store and picked up a few healthy snacks. These Raw Revolution bars were pretty sweet and delicious. I suggest only eating half of one bar being that it is almost too sweet.

Raw Food Cleanse Journey

Day 1 Thursday - I felt as if it were a normally day I did increased my usual water intake.

Day 2 Friday - The cravings begin! I craved for cooked food in particular french fries and wings. I went out with my friends later that night and I found it difficult to not order my usually glass of red wine. Instead I ordered water and grapefruit juice.  After a long night of dancing with my girls, my friends stopped by a 24-hour Wal-Mart and I picked up some pineapple to snack on.  Day 3 Saturday - I spent the day with my mother doing errands which consisted of stopping by a hibachi grill restaurant and ordering take-out. I began to feel weak just standing inside the restaurant smelling the aroma of cooked food. I ended up having to walk out because the aroma of the food was driving me nuts lol.  While waiting in the car my actions were justified because I witnessed a total of 8 obese people leaving the restaurant. No bueno! 
Day 4 Sunday - I woke up and my body ached the whole morning alon…

7 Day Cleanse Kickoff

So I began my cleanse Thursday the 3rd, exactly at 12:01 am I was in the kitchen whipping up an awesome salad. My best friend whose name will not be mentioned (lol) said she was going to do the cleanse with me. She later changed her mind about the Raw Food Cleanse. And asked me if I've heard of Herbalife?
I am not too sure about the Herbalife brand I will follow up on it.
I never been a fan of taking supplements, or drinking protein shakes. Many of similar products use artificial flavorings and sweeteners which is everything I try to avoid adding in my diet.

Food For Thought

Found a great book I'd like to share with everybody. I recently started reading Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith.
A very good of the best self help book I've read to date.
This book is an easy read if you have no prior knowledge about the Chakra System you will gain an understanding within the first chapter.
Below I have included a brief synopsis of the Chakra System that I found on the web...

7 Day Cleanse

This Raw Food Cleanse is way harder than I expected. I am so tempted to eat everything but fruits  and vegetables. But I am officially starting my cleanse midnight. Throughout the day I will be drinking my detox tea from Yogi.