Ringing in the NEW YEAR

I have decided to clean up my diet and op for the organic, non-GMO brand when available.
I STILL eat chicken, turkey, and fish every once in a while...and whenever I buy eggs I make sure they are organic, free range, and hormone free.
But even though one may maintain a healthy diet every once in awhile it is always great idea to detox.

With the NEW YEAR comes NEW resolutions and I have decided to start the new year RIGHT! 
I will be doing a 7-Day Raw Food Cleanse (aka Raw Food Detox/Diet)
If you are not sure what a Raw Food Cleanse it pretty much means only eat fruits and vegetables in their raw form... Drinking 100% Juices, Water, and Teas...

Being that this will be my first time doing a Raw Food Cleanse I will start my detox with having the goal set at 7 days of raw food...If all goes well after the 7th day, I will go on for as long as I can refrain from eating cooked and processed food.

Stay tuned...