Eats while in LA!

About 2 years ago I began to change my lifestyle and pay more attention to my health.
Changing my diet has been a challenge. I am not vegetarian or vegan... but I sometimes go months without eating beef, chicken and pork. I am at my weakest when I am traveling... 

<<---The Sausage and Potato Omelet

Three organic eggs with spicy chicken sausage,
heirloom potatoes, bell peppers, onions & chopped parsley.
Served with fresh bread and mixed green salad.

Quality food at a great price... and the coffee is superb.

Urth Caffe Take Out Menu

This past October I took a trip to Los Angeles for a wedding. While out there I indulged in a burger from In-N-Out. I've had In-N-Out years ago while visiting San Francisco and boy was it delicious.This time go round I felt so guilty standing in line... While I must say I did enjoy this burger, But within the 2 hours I was taking a nap. I felt overwhelmed no energy...not the greatest meal in the end. Should of had a filet mignon lol.

<<--- In-N-Out Double Double 670 calories, calories from fat 369!

Fig & Olive (restaurant) 
Fig & Olive Yelp Reviews

<<------Chilean Sea Bass - seared chilean sea bass marinated with lemon thyme, heirloom carrot, Seafood celery root pureĆ©, fingerling potato confit, charmoula, mascarpone harissa olive oil emulsion.

Who could say no to that description?!
This was the best meal I've had in a while hands down. 
At the time I didn't know that Chilean Sea Bass has one of the highest mercury count in seafood. 
Learn something new everyday!

HIGH MERCURY- Eat three servings or less per month:
Mackerel (Spanish, Gulf)
Sea Bass (Chilean)*
Tuna (Canned Albacore)
Tuna (Yellowfin)

* Fish in Trouble! These fish are perilously low in numbers or are caught using environmentally destructive methods. To learn more, see the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Blue Ocean Institute, both of which provide guides to fish to enjoy or avoid on the basis of environmental factors.